Stammering is the result of childhood trauma. A some point, the child was made to feel nervous in some situation. The child then got into the habit of being overwhelmed with nervousness in more and more situations. I once knew a man with a stammer who was brought up in North India { Hindi }. He moved to the South India { Tamil } as an adult. He stammered all his life in Hindi, but had no stammer when he spoke Tamil. The correct way to treat stammering is removing the cause of the chronic nervousness. This can be done by several hypnotherapy methods.


Stuttering, also referred to as stammering, is a speech problem that is quite common in children and can continue into adulthood. It is estimated that around one in 20 children will struggle with stammering at some point. Around four in five of those affected will grow out of it and it’s estimated that one in 100 adults will continue to stammer.

With stress often making it worse, having a stammer can affect confidence, self-esteem and lead to high anxiety. On this page, we’ll look at stammering in more detail and explore how hypnotherapy can help.

What is a stutter/stammer?

When you have a stammer, it means you have difficulty with some elements of your speech. It may be that you repeat sounds or syllables (for example, “b-b-b-book”), that you make certain sounds for longer (“boooooooook”) or that you are unable to get the word out at all.

Stammering affects everyone differently and will vary from person to person. Some people may experience periods of stammering followed by periods of speaking fluidly. For some, stress makes it worse.

Stages :

I segregate stammering into four stages.
Of this four & above stages can only be controllable and not entirely curable.

Two Possible Underlying Issues That Can Lead To Stammering

Generally speaking, stammering might occur as a result of the following:


Such as BRAIN DAMAGE, the result of a car, bus, train accidents, a serious fall or something similar.


This often occurs in CHILDHOOD as the result of being bullied , ignored , abused , or something similar.

Stammering is, in fact, a common problem for young children. While they’re learning to speak, they often stumble over their words. Sometimes they’re simply trying to say too much at once and they trip over their tongue. In most cases, children grow out of this as they learn to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

How stammering can affect you

Whether your stammer is severe or mild, overt or covert, it can have a huge effect on your life. It can knock your confidence, making you nervous to talk to others. This can lead to low self-esteem.

Being worried about whether or not you’re going to be able to get your words out can be very stressful. Prolonged stress can develop into anxiety. Your behavior may change because of this and you could even develop low mood and depression.
The important thing to remember is that there is still support available and you can learn to cope with these effects and improve your stammer.

Hypnotherapy is highly recommended for stammering

In some cases, stammers are caused by a physical or emotional trauma, or times of extreme stress (for example being bullied). In these instances, and if stammering causes you stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy can be a helpful tool.

Analytical hypnotherapy can be used to explore when your stammer first started and analyze what happened and why it may have triggered your stammer. I can use techniques to help change your beliefs about the situation and desensitise your reactions to the memory.
Hypnotherapy can also help you develop strategies to cope better with your day-to-day triggers too (for example in social situations or public speaking). If you are struggling with stress, anxiety and/or low self-esteem as a result of your stammering, seeing a hypnotherapist can be helpful.

I will help you into a deeply relaxed state where your unconscious is more open to suggestion. Here, the therapist can offer ‘suggestions’ to ease stress, reduce anxiety and build confidence. Often, stress and anxiety can make stammers worse, so relieving these with hypnotherapy can in turn improve the fluency of speech.



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Stammering is the result of childhood trauma. A some point, the child was made to feel nervous in some situation.


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